Sisters Saloon: a family restaurant serving fresh food in a fun atmosphere.

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What are the qualities of a restaurant that make you anxious to return?

Every restaurant owner, no doubt, believes their restaurant is great. At the Sisters Saloon, we strive for greatness!

Every restaurant customer has something, or various somethings, that they look for in a restaurant. Here are some thoughts customers have shared, in no particular order.

We hope you will tell us which of these resonates with you and that you will add to this list. Help us to make you happy customers!!

  • Freshly prepared food.  Customers tell us they appreciate dishes that are freshly prepared, not made from frozen packages. We smoke our meats right here at the restaurant.  All of our sauces are prepared in house and we never serve anything but fresh vegetables.  We have fresh house-made soups every day and special comfort food favorites like Chicken Pot Pie and Bread Pudding, prepared daily.

    Fresh hot nachos

    Fresh Ranch House Nachos

  • Locally sourced ingredients.  Many restaurant patrons have learned to ask “Where does it come from?”   Our visitors love that our beef, for example, comes from a local herd (Splitting Aces Livestock) raised on Central Oregon grass.
  • Variety.  Different strokes for different folks, right?  Sometimes customers want a nice fresh salad while their companion wants smoked ribs with BBQ beans.  We receive reviews from customers who appreciate that they can order a steak and loaded baked potato, while their dining partner orders a burger and fries.
  • Craft Brew

    Fill a growler tonight!

    Fun!   Hey, food is important, but it isn’t everything, right?  We have regular customers who love to come and play!  We have Open Mic, Karaoke, Texas Hold ‘Em Poker, Trivia Night, live music and a variety of other regular happenings.  This is a great way to blow off steam, socialize, and make new friends.
  • Family.  Reviews tell us that customers want a place with good food but also where the kids are welcome (and where they feel OK bringing the kids!)   We are a family restaurant, and customers tell us that they like being able to bring their whole family in for dinner.  When the weather is nice, bring your four legged family to dine on the patio!  There sure aren’t many fun bars where you can bring the kiddos for dinner.  We even have a kids menu and crayons for the youngsters.
  • Service.  Customers everywhere rank service as very important, and we couldn’t agree more.  Here is a real excerpt from our Employee Policy Manual:  “We must be aware of our guests’ needs as soon as they arise so they can continue having a good time without having to wait around for something they need.  As hosts of the party, we also want to have fun ourselves, with our coworkers and guests, while keeping in mind our primary duty is to make sure our guests are having a good time.”  Many of our guests leave reviews that they were made to feel like “regulars” from the first time they walked in the door.
  • Hotel Sisters

    Built in 1912 as Hotel Sisters

    Character.  When folks want to enjoy themselves, they tell us they look for something “special” in a restaurant.  This could be a unique environment or setting, a place with history or a “story”, something that will make eating out a memorable event.  We have tried to offer all the character you could ask for at Sisters Saloon, with a wonderful historic building built in 1912 as the Hotel Sisters.  Wander upstairs to see the old hotel room numbers on the doors of private rooms where you can host spectacular parties with us.  Check out the photographs all over the restaurant of life in an earlier era.  Say hello to Elmer, our favorite elk, and several of his friends.  Sisters is a beautiful, charming and special town, and we are fortunate to have our character enhanced by the natural beauty all around us.
  • Value.  Restaurant customers want value for their money.  They want to get what they are paying for, according to millions of reviews, and we don’t blame them.. we feel the same way.  It is not about the cheapest burger in town, there are fast food restaurants that fill that niche and we don’t aim to compete with those establishments.  We believe that a family restaurant should offer quality without being too expensive or too stuffy.
  • Draft Beer

    Try a Boneyard IPA!

    Drinks.  When adult beverages are on the agenda, restaurant guests want quality and selection, along with a comfortable environment for enjoying drinks.  In the Pacific Northwest, microbrews are prized.  Still, customers appreciate a full bar and experienced bartenders to mix up their favorites.  Moreover, they like a wine list worthy of a high class white linen tablecloth restaurant without the pomp.  At the Saloon, we have it all.  Great rotating microbrews on tap from Three Creeks, Wild Ride and more.  Sangria with passion fruit, orange and guava from Volcano Vineyards on tap!  A full bar and a wine list curated by our New York trained manager, Chris Braumann!  We have some specialty drinks when you fancy a walk on the wild side…. Try an “Elmer the Mule.”  Cascade Potato Vodka, Cock & Bull ginger beer, Superberry Kombucha garnished with a lime.  Oh my!!  Maybe a Sisters Cosmopolitan is more to your tastes.  Wild Roots Cranberry infused vodka, homemade simple syrup, fresh-pressed lime juice.  Ahhhh.

So, what is important to you?

  • When you are considering a restaurant for a first visit or to return to, what are you looking for?
  • When you read restaurant reviews, what particular qualities are you curious about?
  • What kind of restaurant would make you a “regular”, the first place you think of when a companion suggests dinner out?
  • What are the qualities you are looking for in a restaurant to take your family to?
  • What do you like to drink?      (your author just has to weigh in here… LOVE Elmer the Mule!!)

Think of Sisters Saloon & Ranch Grill next time you are looking for a family restaurant serving fresh food in a fun atmosphere.  We will do our best to make it a great experience!