Learn how to turn your garden into a lush jungle at Seed to Table

August 16, 2019 from 10:00 am until noon

Seed to Table’s farm crew will share tips and tricks on how they grow over 30,000 pounds of vegetables on one and a half acres!
Register at http://www.seedtotableoregon.org/events
You will learn:
  • soil preparation and nutrients
  • beating the cold
  • planning for the bounty
  • protecting your garden
At Sisters Saloon, we love  Seed to Table and believe the lovely fresh vegetables we source from them makes our great burgers and salads really special.  We also believe in supporting Seed to Table, whose vision and work are so important.
If you are not familiar with Seed to Table, it is worth checking out their vision statement:


Seed to Table is a 1.5 acre non profit farm educating 1,300 students a year and feeding 200 families a week nutritious and locally grown produce. Seed to Table believes fresh and locally grown produce should be available to everyone.  Fresh food availability coupled with opportunities to engage with nutritious foods on the Seed to Table farm is making a profound impact on our community, helping individuals make healthier choices so they can live more vibrant lives. Our reach has been far; we not only provide families with fresh food but also enable students to excel in the classroom through experiential education.