Calling All Amateurs!

Brand New Open Mic in Central Oregon!!

Do you think you have a beautiful singing voice? Or is it one of those… I secretly sing in the shower every morning or on my drive to work and I must admit, I’m not too shabby. Maybe you recently took guitar lessons, or maybe you learned to play the mandolin when you were young. Perhaps there’s that hilarious story that your great grandpa told you as a kid, that you can re-tell over and over to your friends and it NEVER gets old. Or possibly you’re just that friend that has a solid lineup of jokes that you tell every time you’re at the bar and meet some funny people to tell them to. You were born a performer.


If none of these describe you, well that’s okay too. How about this – You’re an observer. You like to go to concerts, attend festivals, or simply just sit in the corner where you can observe other people in a room. You’re the one that asks for a window booth at the restaurant solely because you want to watch the people walk by. What I’m getting at here, folks, is that there’s a wildly entertaining event that happens in Sisters, OR on the first and third Sunday of every month. It’s called “Open Mic Night,” hosted by Sisters Saloon’s own, Andrew Ritchie.


The stage is set-up with speakers, microphones, and tuning equipment. I should add, there’s also some glamorous stage lighting gleaming down from the ceiling. It’s your time to shine! Either that… errr… it’s your time to thoroughly enjoy being entertained. I mean, either way, none of us made it to Hollywood. Might as well start somewhere, right?


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