If you are in search of the best burger in Sisters, you have come to the right place!  What makes a “best burger” anyway? Well, it certainly starts with the best beef, right? Here at Sisters Saloon & Ranch Grill, we believe our “best burgers” require the freshest beef, locally sourced from Splitting Aces Livestock.  Splitting Aces is right here in beautiful Sisters Oregon, with 100% grass fed and finished beef. Here is what Splitting Aces has to say about their herd:


“Our passion is to grow healthy livestock that comes from Central Oregon. We have deep respect for the livestock that provides food for ourselves and for others, as well as other products that we use on a daily basis. We provide our livestock with the best care possible. This includes nutritious feed, medicine to prevent diseases and a pasture to roam with their herd.”

 Hey, isn’t this the beef you want in your “best burger”? Sisters Saloon & Ranch Grill’s burgers are served on buns from Big Ed’s in Bend, Oregon. The buns are fresh, fluffy and yummy, a great compliment to delicious beef.


What are you going to drink with your “best burger” here at the Saloon?  Well, our terrific local beer is a perfect choice! Did you know that beer and food pairing is “a thing”, just like wine and food pairing? has this advice:

  • Spicy flavors: Pilsners and Helles-style lagers will cool the heat, while hoppy IPAs pair well with spicy flavors to accentuate the heat.
  • Savory flavors: Porters, Schwarzbiers, nutty brown ales, and amber beers complement mushrooms and some aged cheeses, such as Swiss and Gouda.

It just doesn’t get better than this, so come in and see for yourself.  Try one of our burgers and pair it with the perfect beer. Its all here in Sisters Country!